Wattbox Products

WattBox simplifies Remote Power Management to maximize uptime and save time and money on truck rolls.

By connecting your devices to a WattBox, you can practically reboot the device without having to be physically present in the facility. The ability to perform a power cycle or remote reboot is a great way to work around communication problems in case the equipment gets locked up. Similarly, by pairing the Wattbox with a UPS, you can unlock features like power voltages & battery level monitoring to predict and prevent any incoming failure or downtime. Install a Wattbox now to ensure your equipment keeps up and running – even through power outages and brownouts.

Our products are trialed and tested for maximum functionality for giving your clients the peace of mind they deserve. Each piece of equipment is designed with storage ergonomics in mind so fitting it in is always a seamless affair. We strive to provide the best quality without the added cost. We stock everything from power conditioners to UPS to OvrC compatible equipment.