WattBox® 150 Series IP Power Controller (Ultra Compact) | 1 Controlled Bank, 2 Outlets Wi-Fi or Wired (WB-150-IPW-1B-2)

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WattBox® 150-Series Wi-Fi Surge Protector | 2 Individually Controlled Outlets Wi-Fi or Wired (WB-150-IPW-1B-2)

On the prowl for a dependable Wi-Fi Power Controller?

Look no more as this ultra-compact, Wi-Fi enabled WattBox is jam-packed with every feature you’d expect from a high-end variant. With individually controlled outlets, and the option of wired connectivity, the WattBox 150 IPW series will deliver on all fronts to provide you top-notch service.

✅OvrC SUPPORT: The only 2-outlet, 1contolled bank with OvrC support – the industry’s #1 remote management platform. With this installed, you’ll practically eliminate the need for a technician.

✅POWER & CONTROL EVERYTHING: Being equipped with wireless capability, the WattBox will let you power and control everything seamlessly from digital signage or a smart TV to video conferencing equipment or even an entire A/V rack.

✅SAVE TIME & MONEY: Available for a very affordable price and virtually stamps out the need of a truck-roll, saving you time, money, and a lot of headache.

Important Note - The WB-150-IPW-1B-2 outlets are controlled together on a single relay bank. Does not provide surge protection or power conditioning. Wireless capabilities are activated after setup via local web interface and disconnection of wired LAN.