WattBox® IP Power Conditioner (Compact) with OvrC Home | 3 Controlled Outlets (WB-300-IP-3)

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WattBox® IP Power Conditioner (Compact) with OvrC Home | 3 Controlled Outlets (WB-300-IP-3)

While every power conditioner focuses on ensuring maximum uptime, you should be investing in a conditioner that delivers a lot more than that. WattBox IP Power Conditioner Compact 300 Series packs 3 IP-enabled controlled outlets with unrivaled versatility and security protocols in place.

✅INDIVIDUALLY CONTROLLABLE OUTLETS: Get maximum control by monitoring, maneuvering, and adjusting each outlet individually. This gives you laser-precision and control.

✅THREE LINES OF DEFENSE: With self-healing auto reboot, OvrC Home, and OvrC, you can expect to significantly eliminate truck rolls. These defenses are good enough to keep the equipment running at its best. Also, the OvrC management system lets you make small adjustments on your own than calling professional help.

✅SURGE PROTECTION: The WattBox Compact 300 Series is also equipped with a robust surge protection system to prevent the equipment from being damaged from power fluctuations. And to top it off, a dealer-centric smart outlet design is also made available.