WattBox® IP UPS Kit - 12 Controllable Outlets | 1500 VA (KIT-UPS-IPVM12-1500)

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WattBox® IP UPS Kit - 12 Controllable Outlets | 1500 VA (KIT-UPS-IPVM12-1500)

With the world’s most sophisticated battery backup, WattBox IP UPS Kit 1500VA does it all.

It comes with the convenience of organizing the UPS and the outlets neatly and easily. Unlike ordinary UPS models that have outlets and battery backup in a single chassis, this particular model has the UPS and surge conditioner connected via a single cable, so you can fit the outlet on top where it’s convenient.

12 INDIVIDUALLY CONTROLLED OUTLETS: Features 12 individually controllable outlets which can be rack mounted at any angle for better customization.

SAFETY FEATURES: Combine scheduling and auto-reboot feature with OvrC Home, and OvrC remote management to eliminate truck rolls. This three lines of defense feature gives you and the client peace of mind.

MOUNTING FLEXIBILTY: Get limitless options to mount the WattBox – up, down, angled, or recessed. Secure it to a shelf or the top of the cabinet; the back-of-rack permits endless possibilities.

Kit includes (1) WattBox® 800 Series IP Power Conditioner | 12 Individually Controlled & Metered Outlets and (1) WattBox® UPS Battery Pack.

Important Note - This WattBox model is not compatible with the WattBox Rack Mountable Modular Faceplate Display (WB-FB-600) or the WattBox™ Momentary Trigger WB-ACC-TRIGGER.