WattBox® Standby UPS & OvrC Battery Pack | 8 Outlets (WB-OVRC-UPS-850-8)

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WattBox® Standby UPS & OvrC Battery Pack | 8 Outlets, 450W, 850VA (WB-OVRC-UPS-850-8)

Get maximum uptime and ensure your clients’ data remains protected with the WattBox Standby UPS & OvrC Battery Pack. This standby UPS comes equipped with 8 outlets to keep several equipment connected & up and running in the case of power cuts and brownouts.

The outlets are designed with your clients’ requirements in mind and can therefore accommodate large transformer-based plugs without a hitch. It even has a backlit LCD display right under the WattBox branding for keeping you updated.

NO MORE DOWNTIME: Give top-notch service to your clients by putting this UPS in place. With this installed, their work and equipment will stay protected in the midst of unpredictable power outages.

OvrC CAPABILITY: Pair the UPS with a 800- 700-, OR 300-Series IP WattBox for adding controllable outlets and unlocking OvrC features like load shedding, remote alarm silencing, and battery health alerts.

POWER RATING: Rated at 450W, 850VA – this is enough battery capacity to keep the equipment up and running for a few minutes until the power outage is resolved.