WattBox® Uninterruptible Power Supply - 8 Outlets | 2000 VA (WB-UPS-2000-8)

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WattBox® Uninterruptible Power Supply - 8 Outlets | 2000 VA (WB-UPS-2000-8)

Never get down time again with WattBox Uninterruptible Power Supply!

8-Outlets gear designed specifically to help keep vital equipment up and running when there’s a power outage. It’s a pure sinewave equipment, which essentially means there will be less stress on components, less noise, cleaner power and better long-term performance.

✅FEATURES 8 OUTLETS: With so many outlets, it makes sure all of your important equipment stays alive in the event of a power loss. Moreover, it also features full automatic voltage regulation (AVR) to stave off costly interruptions, as well as a “Graceful Shutdown” of a connected PC via USB port.

✅REASONABLE BATTERY BACKUP: This model houses a large 2000VA capacity battery, from which you can expect to squeeze up to 5:30 minutes of backup at full load (1560W), and about 15:30 minutes of backup at 45% load (720W).

✅MAX LOAD SUPPORT: Supports max load up to 1710W.

Critical Specifications - Product ships with an IEC power cord with a 20A plug. Max Load is 1710 Watts and requires a 24-inch deep rack for mounting.

Compatibility - This product is not compatible with EP-400-NMC.