WattBox® UPS Battery Pack for IP Power Conditioners | 1500 VA (WB-OVRC-UPS-1500-1)

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WattBox® UPS Battery Pack for IP Power Conditioners | 1500 VA (WB-OVRC-UPS-1500-1)

Tons of features to fulfil power needs of vital equipment during load shedding.

If you’re looking to invest in a dependable UPS, the WattBox 1500VA UPS Battery Pack is the ultimate option. It has everything lock, stock, and barrel to supply power as a make-shift power source in the case of power loss. Boasting high-end features like Pure Sinewave, AVR, Graceful Shutdown, OvrC enabling, and “Reset Only” mode, it will be the best bang for the buck.

✅BACKLIT LCD READOUT: Keeps you updated about power/battery condition vitals such as Runtime & Load. Also includes an auto-dimming function to block out distractions.

✅AUTOMATIC VOLTAGE REGULATION (AVR): Protects gear against voltage fluctuations - when voltage drops below 112V or any surges above 128V – keeping the equipment operating within the safe limits.

✅EQUIPPED WITH EMI/RFI SHIELDING: Shields against electromagnetic interferences and radio frequency signals to prevent “humming” sound.

✅LARGE BATTERY BACKUP: With 1500VA battery capacity, expect up to 5:30 minutes of backup at full load (1200W), and 13:30 minutes at 50% load (600W). Max load is 1350W.

✅LOAD SHEDDING PREVENTION: Set the outlet to “Reset Only” to make it unsusceptible to load shedding.