WattBox® UPS Network Management Card (WB-UPS-NMC)

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WattBox® UPS Network Management Card (WB-UPS-NMC)

Keep close watch on your UPS unit with WattBox UPS Network Management Card.

Intended to give you remote access from anywhere, it will bring your WattBox UPS into the connectivity loop, so you can troubleshoot, monitor, program, or even shut down multiple PCs from miles away. It’s a small sized, easy to integrate chip, which can be installed by anyone to interact and communicate with the unit remotely. Slide it into the back of the WattBox UPS, configure the IP address, set up user accounts, and there you go!

✅EVENT NOTIFICATIONS: Stay ahead of any power outages, system issues and other hiccups by setting up warning notifications via audible alarm, broadcast, mobile messenger, e-mail and SNMP traps.

✅CHECK STATUS ANYTIME: Get real-time statistics and graphs of vital UPS data, including power line voltage, output frequency, load level, battery, and more from miles away.

✅SCHEDULE REMOTE SHUTDOWNS: Schedule shut-down, start-up, or reboots remotely to keep the device running smoothly.